Women in Tech | Karen Azulai:

In the column ‘Women in Tech’, three leading women in the world of recruitment technology tell their story. What do they think the future of tech in recruitment will look like? In this third article, Karen Azulai has the floor.

What do you do in recruitment technology?

“I talk about recruitment at conferences, I supervise HR Tech startups, I lead the Israeli HR Tech community, I am the co-founder of hrtechnation.com. My goal is to raise awareness and prepare people for the advent of technologies.”

What influenced you to pursue a career in recruitment (technology)?

Women in Tech | Karen Azulai: "The biggest challenge for recruiters is a change in mentality"

“One word: curiosity. It was a natural progression of everything I was doing as a global sourcer. I will say beforehand that I was always on top of advanced technologies, as a hobby, one could say. The future was always of interest to me. So when advanced sourcing tools came into the scene I immediately started using them. Since then the recruitment platforms and sourcing tools had more and more features. I make it my business to try out as many as I can and get insights as to where this is going. It was 3 years ago that I understood that my job as a global talent sourcer will not last and that I had to get into sourcing and recruitment technologies if I want to remain relevant to my market, as well as always be one step ahead of competitors.”

How big is the role of tech in recruitment?

“Recruitment will be tech. At this point, tech helps recruiters to automate repetitive tasks. In the future, recruiters and technology will work together and learn from each other, almost as equal partners. And, as Ray Kurzweil predicts, around 2049, artificial intelligence will be smarter than we are and take over certain roles completely. I believe that a large part of recruitment will become self-service and recruiters will become more responsible for the technologies that guide the recruitment process.”

What are according to you the biggest challenges recruiters face today? 

“In my opinion, the biggest challenge is a change in mentality in the collective sector. HR, recruitment, sourcing. A change of mentality is a very slow process for most people. They will change if they feel they are ‘in danger’, not before. In order to succeed in HR, you still need your love for people, but now you also need to focus on technology. When I give a talk, I try to make them enthusiastic about implementing technology in their current work.”

How do you see recruitment in 5 years?

“Matching candidates with the right jobs will be much better than now. So much time will be lost, both on the candidate’s side and on the employer’s side. More intensive use of assessment tools will provide better insights before you connect with them. I think five years from now it will be a lot messier than it is now, because we will still be in a change mode.”

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