Visma users can now apply with Joboti via Whatsapp:

Through a brand new partnership with Joboti, users of Visma EasyCruit can now apply via Whatsapp. Luuk van Neerven, co-founder of the recruitment chatbot, explains what the partnership means in concrete terms.


Visma|Raet EasyCruit is recruitment software in the cloud that optimizes the process and ensures quality at all stages of the recruitment process. EasyCruit helps to recruit, select, manage and place candidates faster. “With Visma|Raet EasyCruit you improve both the work processes and the candidate experience. And that is exactly our mission. Every day we ask ourselves the question: how can we use the chatbot to improve the candidate’s job interview experience, as well as make the recruiter’s life easier?”

“A good example of this is scheduling interviews: by having candidates schedule their own job interview via (Whatsapp) chat”, Van Neerven continues. “That saves the recruiter a lot of time and a lot of e-mailing down with options, but it is also much more pleasant for the candidate to schedule the interview himself or herself. In addition, Visma EasyCruit has very nice clients, in the Netherlands and abroad. The partnership with Visma gives us access to a very nice network of companies outside the Netherlands as well.”


Higher conversion

He explains what the collaboration means concretely for users of Visma. “Candidates can now apply via chat and ask a question to the virtual assistant, the chatbot, 24/7. You can apply via the web chatbot, but also very easily via WhatsApp. The option to apply via WhatsApp makes the threshold for many candidates to make contact with the potential new employer even lower. We see that companies that, in addition to applying via a form, also offer application-via-chat benefit from a higher conversion of candidates. And candidates find it much more fun than filling out a (boring) form.”

Doubling collaborations

This will not be the last collaboration that Joboti announces in due course, Van Neerven expects. “Our strategy is very clear to work together with other HR Tech suppliers. The link of a chatbot lets your HR tool talk, as it were. In an interface that every candidate understands and in a channel (e.g. WhatsApp) that every candidate has on their phone.”

“From Joboti we have no intention of building an ATS system ourselves, others are much better at that. Often these HR tech organisations will not build their own recruitment chatbot. That is a good basis for sending out the joint proposition with a partnership. We now have a partnership with about ten parties and want to double that in the coming year.”

About Joboti

Joboti builds smart chatbots for recruiters. You increase your reachability directly to 24/7 and your conversion rate increases. The recruitment chatbot can be linked to your website, but also to WhatsApp. Candidates can easily apply via WhatsApp and the chatbot automatically creates a profile in your ATS system. It is also possible to automatically schedule interviews via WhatsApp.

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