During RecFest Recruitment Tech TV spoke to expert Bas van de Haterd, who gave a session on the added value of assessments in recruitment. He discusses the question why not every organisation uses assessments yet.


During his talk, Bas van de Haterd discussed assessments in more detail. He talked about how new assessment technology can be an important force, if we use it properly. How can we use assessments to get the bias out of the recruitment process? “Basically, people are always biased”, says Van de Haterd in front of Recruitment Tech’s camera. “But nowadays, we can purely measure what people are capable of.” More about his session, why not all organisations use assessments yet and how we can (as best as possible) use assessments to filter the bias from the recruitment process, he explains in the video below.

About Bas van de Haterd

Van de Haterd is one of the initiators of Digitaal-Werven, an annual survey into which organisation offers the best digital application experience to candidates. He is also involved in strategic recruitment advice and project management in the construction of recruitment sites. He also focuses on how we organise work in the (near) future, where the organisation needs to go, which reward models fit in, but also which business models are still sustainable. Finally, he is co-author of several books.

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