Three ways to use AI in your recruitment

In the world of recruitment, linking candidates to the right job is like looking for the Holy Grail. It is always a great challenge. How often do we not see that a candidate, contrary to all expectations, turns out not to fit your company or the position? Artificial Intelligence (AI) can offer a solution here, writes Raj Mukherjee, Senior Vice President Product at Indeed.

How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find the best match?

1. Predict

The more data there is available for job seekers and employers, the greater the chance of a good match. Algorithms are created based on data from search behavior, millions of resumes, reviews and other sources. As a result, it is easier to predict which vacancies best match a search, search results can be personalized, and jobseekers no longer get irrelevant search results in their search for a job. If properly applied, AI can even help prevent human error.

Thus, under human supervision, AI can improve job seekers’ experience. For example, when someone searches for the term ‘software engineer’, with the right algorithm, results are also shown for ‘software developer’, for example. And so you get an overview of vacancies that the jobseekers might never have found without the algorithm.

2. Personalization

Data in resumes and job announcements are rarely structured and often contain a lot of text. This makes them difficult for computers to process. Through Natural Language Processing (NLP) essential information is filtered out of the documents, so that a picture is created of exactly what a candidate is looking for. The system can also convert the requirements of a vacancy into a checklist that the system can process. Thanks to these AI techniques, personalized search results are displayed that match candidates’ ambitions and experience.

3. Protection

Protecting jobseekers from all kinds of scams and properly securing personal data is very important today. With AI it is possible to detect unreliable websites and messages of poor quality and prevent scams.

AI does more than just match

AI is very useful and a real ‘game changer’: from advising on the most relevant vacancies to avoiding prejudices when screening candidates. After all, with a CV you only get a limited picture of jobseekers. With new technologies, automatic assessments can determine how good a candidate can be in a certain position.

A large European organization was looking for native speakers in seven different languages. They received thousands of applications each month, each time requiring an interview with a language specialist. Therefore, the employer chose to use language proficiency tests based on AI. As part of the application process, candidates now talk to an AI agent over the phone in their language for ten minutes. The interview is then automatically analyzed for communication and speaking skills, which gives a better result for both the candidate and the employer.

People remain part of the recruitment process

Admit it: no one will buy a house on a real estate website without first seeing it in real life. In this way, AI is also a tool to bring jobseekers and employers together. Whether there is a good match remains ultimately a human decision. AI-based recruitment technology certainly gives recruiters more time to explore the human aspect, build trust and inspire.

About Raj Mukherjee

Raj Mukherjee, Senior Vice President Product bij Indeed

Raj Mukherjee, Senior Vice President Product at Indeed, is responsible for global product vision and strategy in conjunction with the Senior Leadership Team. In addition, he leads the day-to-day activities of the product team, which deals with both the current product portfolio and new business initiatives.

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