These are the 7 best email tracking tools for Gmail and Outlook

E-mail is a popular way to get in touch with your candidates as a recruiter. Recruitment Tech lists seven email tracking tools for Gmail and Outlook, so you can track your contact with candidates even better.


Boomerang enables millions of Gmail and Outlook users around the globe to schedule & prioritize their inbox and be more productive. You can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time. It also returns messages to your inbox at a later date that you set.


MailTracker is a free tool from, which is among the 30 most popular free tools for sourcing. With MailTracker you can see when your mail is opened and how many times.


With the Gmail extension of Gmelius you can track email activities such as opens and clicks. Next to that, you can also schedule emails and meetings, creating to-do lists, and saving email templates for example.


Mixmax is a very handy tool that gives you a notification in your inbox (or Slack) when someone opens your mail. You can track 100 emails per month for free. Next to the notifications, it offers email tracking, saved templates, scheduling, and automated follow-ups.


Vocus not only offers the insights of specifying who engaged with an email with multiple recipients, but it also helps you with email tracking, reminders, automated follow-ups and email scheduling.

With you can schedule automated follow-up emails and schedule personalized messages. It also tracks the open and click rates.


With Bananatag you can schedule your emails, save your templates, track your attachments and have some good insights with Email Analytics.

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