In The ATS Show, host and ATS expert Liesbet De Rouck interviews international ATS vendors. In this fifth episode, she speaks with John-Erik Hassel from Varbi.

Guest: John-Erik Hassel from Varbi

John-Erik Hassel is founder and chairman of Varbi. Swedish vendor Varbi supplies an all-in-one recruitment system that is used by over 37,000 recruiters and managers. This recruitment tool is covering the whole recruitment process in a really simple and easy way, from advertising and receiving applications, to filtering, performing tests and communicating with candidates and colleagues.

Collaborative hiring

“We have approximately 1.5 million applications running through the system every year. This comes from around 600 clients in 10 countries.” John-Erik Hassel tells you more about Varbi in the video below.

About The ATS Show

In every episode of The ATS Show, Liesbet De Rouck speaks with a guest about a specific (recruitment) theme that she chooses. The theme of this episode is Salesforce. These were the previous episodes:

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