Automation of recruitment is a real big opportunity for the recruitment industry because the process is often inefficient en inconsistent. In the second episode of the ATS Show Liesbet De Rouck talks with our guest Peter Gold from Cornerstone about Recruitment Automation and much more.

Recruitment Automation

Recruitment automation has changed over the past years. Where before an Excel sheet and maybe a SharePoint program would be sufficient, these days the right ATS can really support and improve your companies recruitment process. For instance to optimize your CV matching, sending out emails but also keeping target audience engaged.

Peter Gold: “If we could automate some simple tasks we guarantee consistently within the recruitment process.”

Guest: Peter Gold

Peter works in the Thought Leadership & Advisory Services team at Cornerstone where he does industry research looking at how the talent market is changing. In this episode of the ATS Show, Peter talks about future-proofing organizations using ATS and omnichannels with machine learning. Peter Gold states that rather then succession planning focussed on the top 25 people it’s actually about giving candidates more control about there own career progression: “Very often our processes are inefficient and inconsistent because we expect our recruiters to do borings tasks over and over again.”

80 percent automated

Gold expects the recruitment role will be automated for 80 percent within 10 years. “Candidate will go from seeing a job to turning up at day one without seeing a recruiter,” says Gold. “Recruiters will focus on the high-value and senior roles and do more sourcing.”

Watch this ATS show to inform yourself about the advantages of working with a large ATS suite, the USP’s from Cornerstone and onboarding.

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