In the new show on about applicant tracking systems, The ATS Show, host and ATS expert Liesbet De Rouck interviews international ATS vendors. In this first episode she speaks with Nicolas Speeckaert from skeeled.

About The ATS Show

In every episode of The ATS Show, Liesbet De Rouck speaks with a guest about a specific (recruitment) theme that she chooses. The theme of this episode is artificial intelligence.

First guest: skeeled

Nicolas Speeckaert, Founder & Managing Partner at skeeled, is the first guest of the show. He’ll tell you everything you need to know about their ATS. skeeled, based in Luxembourg, is an all-in-one hiring solution designed to support recruiters and HR departments with a disruptive approach to digitalise and automate the entire first steps of the recruitment process. In the video below, Nicolas will pitch skeeled in 120 seconds.


“I am very passionate about artificial intelligence because in the field of AI happens a lot. We see more and more AI in recruitment, like chatbots, AI used to build relationships with your candidates, we have tools allowing you to write the best job advertisements. It’s really nice to see that there are companies in our field that use AI in their technology to offer the best way to find the best people for the jobs”, says Nicolas Speeckaert. In the ATS Show he’ll tell more about skeeled, AI, and all other matters that come up about recruitment technology.

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