In the new show on about applicant tracking systems, The ATS Show, host and ATS expert Liesbet De Rouck interviews international ATS vendors. In this third episode, she speaks with Lewis de Stoppelaar from Recruitee.

Guest: Lewis de Stoppelaar from Recruitee

Lewis de Stoppelaar is Head of Sales at Dutch company Recruitee. Recruitee is a leading Talent Acquisition Platform, designed for recruiters and hiring managers alike. Recruitee is built to enable hiring teams to own their talent acquisition by helping them attract the right talent, automate manual tasks, and predict their hiring success.

Collaborative hiring

Not only will Lewis tell the viewers everything about Recruitee, he also shares his opinion on for example AI and the theme of the month: collaborative hiring. What’s his take on that and how can Recruitee help organisations with collaborative hiring? Watch the third episode of the ATS Show below!

About The ATS Show

In every episode of The ATS Show, Liesbet De Rouck speaks with a guest about a specific (recruitment) theme that she chooses. The theme of this episode is artificial intelligence. These were the previous episodes:

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