The fourth episode of the ATS Show is about Salesforce. Three vendors of Salesforce products, Bullhorn, Mysolution and Tigris, will discuss this with host and ATS expert Liesbet De Rouck.

Guests: Bullhorn, Mysolution & Tigris

For this episode, we invited three vendors to discuss Salesforce with each other. Roy Hollak (at that moment Salesforce Delivery Lead at Bullhorn), Arno de Haan (Partner at Mysolution) and Maikel Neelen (Co-Founder of Tigris) will discuss the large world of Salesforce under the guidance of host and expert Liesbet De Rouck.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most widely used CRM solutions worldwide. With Salesforce, organizations can easily maintain contact with external parties and manage business activities. In addition, the platform offers extensive possibilities for building communities and automating processes. One of the biggest advantages of Salesforce is the ability to deploy a single, integrated platform for your HR and recruitment activities.

About The ATS Show

In every episode of The ATS Show, Liesbet De Rouck speaks with a guest about a specific (recruitment) theme that she chooses. The theme of this episode is Salesforce. These were the previous episodes:

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