Swedish Varbi integrates video tooling of Dutch Flipbase in its recruitment software

The Swedish recruitment software Varbi and Dutch Flipbase have announced a partnership, making it possible for Varbi users to add video in the recruitment process.

Fully integrated

Because Flipbase’s video technology is fully integrated into Varbi’s recruitment system, recruiters now have the option to have the candidates answer questions in a video. It is possible to choose this option in the application form (per vacancy) and it allows the user to adjust the text and set the duration for a video recording. You can find the submitted videos and have them played back in the candidate profile. It offers a complete picture of the candidate: a resume, a motivation letter and thanks to video a good impression of his personality.

Screen capture of Flipbase integrated in VarbiAbout Varbi

Varbi supplies an all-in-one recruitment system that is used by over 37,000 recruiters and managers. This recruitment tool is covering the whole recruitment process in a really simple and easy way, from advertising and receiving applications, to filtering, performing tests and communicating with candidates and colleagues. Based in Sweden, being one of the market leaders, Varbi works with various municipalities, universities and colleges. The system is available in various languages and is GDPR-proof. Furthermore, the tool is user-friendly and has lots of good functions which are placed in the system in such a way that it makes the tool very easy to navigate.

About Flipbase

Flipbase is an integrated video technology for candidate screening and employer branding. The technology allows the user to apply video in any stage of the current recruitment process; making it more efficient, personal and fun. Flipbase works with brands such as ABN AMRO, Belastingdienst, Hudson’s Bay, NN Group, Kraft/Heinz, PON, TUI fly and Virgin Australia.

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