Seedlink developed a tool that predicts the success of candidates on the basis of language use. Shin Gern Sam, vice president of Product & Marketing at Seedlink, told Recruitment Tech TV about it at the UNLEASH conference 2018 in London.


Seedlink focuses on the prevention of human prejudice in the recruitment of potential candidates. Their tool uses artificial intelligence to predict which candidates have the greatest chance of success in their new job and also fit the organization in culture. According to Shin Gern, the strength of the tool lies there. “If a candidate does not seem to fit the organization, you enter it in the system, which will be taken to the next candidates, which will make the machine smarter.”

Distinctive through language use

The Seedlink tool differs from that of its competitors by focusing on language use. “Language is very important to us, especially how things are said is a good predictor of the candidate’s personality. Soft skills are perhaps the most important qualities that you can be successful with within an organization. This is why we chose to look at language use to see if someone can be successful within a position and organization”, says Shin Gern.

UNLEASH comes to Amsterdam

On 20 and 21 March 2018 the UNLEASH Conference & Expo took place in London. The former HR Tech World received more than 120 popular influencers from the most innovative companies and organizations in the world. The next UNLEASH will take place in Amsterdam on 23 and 24 October 2018. The conference is paid, but there are also free expo-only tickets. Get access to +100 of best-of-breed solutions all under one roof. Discover hundreds of next-generation product demos, network with +5000 participants from +120 countries. And meet the most dynamic startups. More information

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