Real Links is an employee referral platform that will reduce hiring costs. Sam Davies, CEO at Real Links, told Recruitment Tech TV at UNLEASH Paris what the organisation’s goals are.

Real Links

Real Links is an employee referral platform that is helping companies to increase referrals and reduce hiring costs by up to 20%. Real Links claims to have a significant impact on increasing employee engagement with referral schemes by automating the process to make it quick and easy for employees and providing a points-based incentive structure that maintains engagement going forward.

Diversity and inclusion

What makes Real Links so special? “Next to our gamification aspect, also the diversity and inclusion aspect of our platform. We take away any personal identifier such as name, ethnicity, nationality, et cetera. When recruitment teams are looking at their employee’s connections, they are actually making their decisions on what should matter”, says Sam Davies. In the video below he tells more about Real Links, what they do and their roadmap for 2020.

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