With GeniusATS you can match the right candidate faster. Recruitment Tech TV spoke with Russell Dalton, Founder and UX Specialist of GeniusATS, at RecFest 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

“The reason we call it GeniusATS is because it has AI in it. It causes a nice problem to have: many more candidates coming through in the system. The AI sifts through the candidates to present the best possible candidates for the job.” In the video above, Russell Dalton tells about how GeniusATS works for recruiters and their roadmap for 2020.”

About GeniusATS

With GeniusATS NexGen matches the right candidate from a myriad of programmable qualities that help you make faster, easier decisions about the right candidate for the job. NexGen has psychometric level assessments built-in so that when the system presents a shortlist that’s right for you, you can go further and deeper into how these individuals will perform in-role.

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