The growth of artificial intelligence creates new opportunities for the business. What does this mean for HR in general and recruitment in particular? And where are the opportunities exactly? AI expert Megan Marie Butler showed during the Recruitment Tech Event 2019 the impact of artificial intelligence in the field and how HR and recruitment can respond to this in the coming years.

About Megan Marie Butler

Megan Butler is a PhD student at the Leeds University Business School (LUBS) and Senior Research Advisor at CIPD, the ‘voice’ of over 150,000 HR professionals. She looks at artificial intelligence from an HR and recruitment perspective. “There is amazing technology out there that is doing so much for us. And we are definitely running into some challenges implementing it and really bringing out robust recruitment and HR practices. But we are in the early stages.”

Replace humans

Is it already possible to replace a person with artificial intelligence? “Technically, that’s possible. But legally and ethnically, and when the best candidate is sought, a human being will always be needed in the process. As it is new, we as HR and recruitment professionals will have to remain an important part of the process”. Check out her whole story during the Recruitment Tech Event 2019 below.

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