RoboRecruiter adds Video resume and Video response to platform

Video resume and Video response are the new additions to the RoboRecruiter platform. The addition is immediately available to all of their existing (and future) customers. These new capabilities allow the candidate to give a 30-second description on themselves or answer your questions via video.

Record within te RoboRecuiter platform

With this new addition to the platform quickly processing through large pools of candidates can become much simpler. Also, for people who do not have Linkedin or have a resume available when you reach out to them it much easier to produce a digital resume. When making a hiring decision the videos can be used as an additional element. The videos can be recorded from the phone or desktop within the overall RoboRecruiter flow

About roborecruiter

RoboRecruiter Is one of the largest Chatbot platforms. It uses messaging automation via a chatbot platform that allows recruiters to save a lot of time on the day-to-day aspects of the recruitment process. Recruiters can also stay informed in real time of candidates who are still available for the position.

2018 startup award

In 2018 at Unleash in londen, RoboRecruiter won the UNLEASH Startup Award. RoboRecruiter impressed the jury because of the functioning of the bot. Recruitment Tech TV spoke with Chris Collins, CEO of RoboRecruiter during the event. “Bots are popular because people like to send messages. Our tool is unique because you can talk to – hundreds of thousands of – people on a large scale who you would like to have in your database, but you haven’t had time to get in touch with yet”.



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