During TruAmsterdam 2018, Recruitment Tech TV spoke with Laura Starreveld, Marketing Manager at Textkernel. She tells more about the relationship between marketing and recruitment.

A match made in heaven?

In Amsterdam Starreveld led the session ‘Recruitment & Marketing, a match in heaven?’. “The track went well. I was very curious if recruiters think that recruitment and marketing can really be a match made in heaven and how they look at it exactly. ”


According to Starreveld, tech can play a major role in achieving that so-called heaven. “You all see new technologies and tools coming up. Not only in marketing, but also in recruitment. Such as tools that help you analyze texts, or tools that show what candidates are doing on your website. This can certainly provide insight into who you should target as a recruiter. ”

Furthermore, Starreveld discusses the trends that they spot and how they see the future of recruitment:

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