Radix, a Brussels-based artificial intelligence (AI) agency, announced the launch of Talent API. Talent API is an AI solution designed to help the recruiter find the talent more efficiently. It screens hundreds of applications in seconds and makes a recommendation of the most fitting candidates for any given position. The solution helps HR professionals save a lot of time and allows them to focus on what matters: personal interactions with candidates.

Talent API

Finding the right candidates in the right positions is the goal of every recruiter, whether in-house or in recruitment companies. The process is normally time-consuming due to the effort required to go through the hundreds of resumes that come in and match them with the right job and then conduct interviews.

To support recruiters, Radix has launched Talent API. This AI solution selects the best candidates by creating a longlist of the best-submitted talent, to help the recruiters with the last decisions. When a new candidate or a new vacancy is inserted in Talent API the software immediately knows which job would be a good match for what candidate and can directly inform the recruiters. Which leads to a better candidate experience (faster response and relevant feedback). The solution also standardizes the process, making it less sensitive to potential bias.

“Integrating nuance into the recruitment process”

Talent API screens hundreds of applications in seconds and makes recommendations based on a wide array of parameters such as a candidate’s current and future hard and soft skills, experience, location, seniority, etc. These parameters can be defined and adjusted by the recruiter.

Talent API explains its recommendations by giving a general score per candidate, measuring the fit with the position and letting recruiters know of eventual existing skill gaps in a candidate’s resume or the relevance of their education and diplomas. The software also recommends a set of training in order to potentially acquire them.

The detailed recommendations also enable hiring for potential: sometimes the market does not contain all the skills the position requires, but Talent API still provides recruiters with candidates who can acquire and excel in these skills.

Davio Larnout, CEO of Radix: “Talent API allows recruiters to gain time and to have an in-depth understanding of the candidates, removing the friction of traditional screening processes. Our software works with degrees of matching rather than a binary “match/no match”: the recruitment process is a complex reality and AI is a way of integrating nuance into it. This is of utmost importance, especially with the major changes the HR industry is bound to experience in the post-corona world.”

Self-learning and multilingual

Talent API is self-learning and always on top of the latest employment trends. Through machine learning, Radix’s AI solution automatically integrates new skills in its proprietary Skills Cloud as the job market evolves. The software adapts to its users by picking up company traits and preferences and integrating them accordingly. Talent API is fluent in English, French and Dutch. Spanish will soon be implemented. The technology can be adapted to implement virtually any language.

Radix’ Talent API is even capable of dealing with complex language landscapes, like Belgium’s trilingual structure and thus functions as a true language-agnostic software. New words that were never observed by the algorithm are automatically integrated.

The solution is already used by key players in Belgium’s HR market such as Jobat, House of HR and Accent. Radix’s Talent API also powers the free application “LeerInUwKot”, where people can find online training opportunities from different sources relevant to their job titles and skillset.

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