Optimise your recruitment via LinkedIn with these 5 tools

It is an open door, but LinkedIn is extremely popular among recruiters. After all, this social medium is a source of information. Recruitment Tech lists five indispensable tools for recruitment via LinkedIn.


ContactOut is a sourcing tool that helps you find anyone’s personal email or phone number. They have over 1.1 billion emails and over 50 million phone numbers. This accounts for over 75% email and 10% phone number coverage for all people on LinkedIn, ContactOut claims.


Crystal is a tool that creates a personality profile using the person’s social media channels. After creating an account and installing the plugin, you can receive a description of a person on (amongst others) LinkedIn. For example, Crystal indicates how you can best address the person in question and how you should set up your emails to this person.

Data miner

Data Miner is a Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extension that helps you scrape data from web pages and into a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet. Data Miner behaves as if you were clicking on the page yourself in your own browser, so it won’t get blocked like bots.


Are you getting tired of the message from LinkedIn that you are not allowed to use the search function for a certain period of time? Then we have some good news: with the SourceHub tool you can work your way beyond this search limit of LinkedIn. This is the solution for users with a free LinkedIn account. With this tool you can search for candidates without reaching your limit.


As a free LinkedIn user, you only have access to full names and profiles of first- and second-degree contacts. Any contact outside this network will be displayed with the initial of the last name or only “LinkedIn Member”. With Locksmith you can easily bypass this. This tool finds the complete profiles of third-degree connections and people with whom you have no connection at all.

More tools

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