Nétive landed in the UK:

Nétive, a VMS provider from the Netherlands, has landed in the UK. They’ve decided to translate their Dutch success to the UK, by positioning two permanent employees in their London office.


The duo, Jack Newman (Sales & Partnerships Manager) and Keiran Jones (Customer Success and Implementation Consultant), started in January in London. Nétive: “We remain one of the few pure-play VMS vendors in the market, meaning we are able to operate with a greater degree of agility and flexibility than others in the market. Our investment is centred around placing a dedicated team, responsible for driving company expansion across the UK with a current customers and partners – and of course developing new customers and partners.”


“As a business we are really excited by the opportunity available to us in the UK market. Often referred to as significantly more mature than other European Labour markets, we look forward to bringing value to the all too often forgotten, mid-market businesses.”

About Nétive

Nétive VMS is the solution that gives you control over the entire process of flexible hiring. From application and contracting to invoicing: all steps in the hiring process are clearly and transparently supported for all employees within the organization. They support the complete management of requests, contracts, file (compliance), time registration and invoicing. Due to the modular structure, the solution grows with the organisation: in the needs of the organisation, but also in the changing labour market. Nétive VMS is suitable for an internal hiring desk, Master Vendor, MSP or organizations that want to grow towards this situation. Master Vendors and MSP’s can manage multiple organizations simultaneously within one environment.

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