Matt Burney (Indeed) at RTE19:

Matt Burney, Senior Manager Employer Insights at Indeed, will give a breakout at the Recruitment Tech Event 2019 on the 21st of November in Amsterdam. He will learn you how AI can free up time so you can focus on the human side of recruitment.

Embracing AI

Artificial Intelligence can provide insights to automate and improve sourcing, screening, scheduling and interviewing processes—all with the eventual goal of providing better hires, faster. But the advantages of AI are not just technological, Matt Burney says. He will tell you how embracing AI can free up your time to focus on the human side of hiring. Join Indeed’s Matt Burney at the Recruitment Tech Event as he explores this interesting intersection of recruiting and technology. “I’m going to show how easy it is to abuse new technology and why we need to be better at being human to our candidates.”


Why you shouldn’t miss the breakout session of Matt? “I’m going to show you things you probably will have never seen before and make you think differently about your approach to new technology.” He will tell you how AI can help recruiters. “AI is a buzzword right now but not everything that claims to be AI really is, let’s sort the fact from fiction and try to understand why AI and machine learning offer collaboration and opportunity, not competition and problems.”


Matt Burney has spoken at many events around the world, so what makes events like the Recruitment Tech Event so special for him? “It’s great to connect with people who are looking at what’s now and more importantly what’s next in the world of recruitment technology.” Want to meet Matt Burney and join his inspiring breakout in Amsterdam? Until the 8th of November you profit of €100,- discount on your ticket with this exclusive code: MATT19. You can register here. More information about the event (and the free pre-event!) you can find below.

About Matt Burney

Matt Burney is well known in the world of recruitment where he has been working for more than 20 years. Matt has worked on both sides of the table, as a corporate recruiter managing large global and APAC-specific projects as well as on the agency side. Matt has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience to share.

Boost your recruitment at The Recruitment Tech Event 2019 (with €100,- discount!)

Discover how technology can optimise your recruitment during the fifth edition of the Recruitment Tech Event on Thursday 21 November. The leading event on the recruitment technology of tomorrow, held in the Amsterdome in Amsterdam. With inspiring keynotes, in-depth (English) breakouts and innovative demos. This year the opening keynote will be held by Megan Marie Butler from CognitionX who will share the latest insights into how AI impacts the attraction and retention of talent. Futurist Richard van Hooijdonk will tell about a new business model for recruiters. And for the first time, TNG’s social interview robot Tengai will be presented in the Netherlands. Elin Öberg Mårtenzon will tell how they developed Tengai together with Furhat Robotics to fight against bias in interviews. Also, Maarten Lens-FitzGerald will tell the audience about why voice is the future. Sign up for the Recruitment Tech Event 2019 here and use the code MATT19 for €100,- discount! Want some more information? You’ll find it here.

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