At the third edition of Demo_Day the 6th of June in the Netherlands, the Austrian employee referral solution provider Firstbird was one of the partners. Recruitment Tech TV spoke with Majella Grawatsch about Firstbird and why they entered the Dutch market.

From Europe to the world

Firstbird has just started on the market in the Netherlands which they find very exciting. Grawatsch: “Lots of Dutch companies are ready to digitalise there employee referral program and are up to speed with how important employee referrals can be for the recruitment success of their company. In 5 years Firstbird wants to become the worlds leading employee referral program.”

About Firstbird

Firstbird offers a referral solution so that employees can easily reach their network and you as an organisation can keep track of everything. Firstbird rewards all employee activities in the employee referral process, not just the hires. This leads to employee engagement and ensures the long term success of the referral program. In addition to employees, you can make anyone Talent Scout, as Firstbird calls the referrer. Talent Scouts can easily share vacancies on their social networks so that you as an organisation receive high-quality applications. Firstbird can be used separately as well as integrated into the recruitment system. On the site, you can monitor the investment and there is even a limited free version.

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