Recruitment tools from LinkedIn for free to those fighting the coronacrisis

LinkedIn is not only a social network, but also a source of information for recruiters. LinkedIn is now going to bring together the products that already existed to help recruiters.

Intelligent Hiring Experience

This comes together in the new Intelligent Hiring Experience, which is designed to help recruiters find the best candidates in as little time as possible. This includes products that could previously be used separately such as Recruiter, Pipeline Builder and Jobs. This service finds candidates by using the LinkedIn database. The intention is to launch the Intelligent Hiring Experience in the summer. John Jersin, Talent Solutions & Careers at LinkedIn, says this in this blog post.

Find better candidates

According to Jersin, this position will really help recruiters to find jobseekers. “The more you interact with candidates within a project, the more our tools learn about what you like — and don’t like — and then we can surface better candidates for your open role. (…) Based on the applicants, leads, and search results you interact with, the intelligent hiring experience automatically builds a list of recommended candidates for you to consider reaching out to,” Jersin writes.

Foto: Nan Palmer

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