Hung Lee, CEO of and keynote speaker at the Recruitment Tech Event 2018, told at Unleash 2018 about his arrival to Utrecht on 22 November.

Chatbots past implementation phase

During Unleash 2018 in London, Lee spoke to Recruitment Tech TV about the event and his keynote during the Recruitment Tech Event. He also noticed the rise of chatbots. “This is the year of the chatbots. This year the chatbots will pass the first implementation phase. You see that there are always better cases, just look at the many start-ups here on Unleash who work with chatbots. ”

Keynote Recruitment Tech Event 2018

“I do not have a story in my head yet. I do not like to have a standard chat. I am going to first study the Dutch market, because it is very advanced “, he told London in late March. “On Unleash there are also many Dutch startups, so I want to delve into that. How does it work in the Netherlands and what are the challenges there? In any case, it will be an interesting talk that I will share with the audience “, says Hung Lee. and Recruiting Brainfood

Hung Lee has been working in the field of recruitment for more than 15 years as an office recruiter, recruitment manager, internal Head of Talent, recruitment trainer and strategic consultant for startups in the tech scene of London. In 2014 he started working with two friends on, a matching service for tech talent. In addition, Lee curates recruitment tech news from around the world in his weekly newsletter Recruiting Brainfood.

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