Keep an eye on these five promising recruitment tech startups

The world of recruitment tech is full of interesting startups. Of course we at Recruitment Tech keep a close eye on them. We have listed five startups that you should definitely keep an eye on.


Founded: 2014

French company Goshaba offers screening technology that measures candidates’ soft and hard skills through cognitive video games. With mini-games for smartphones, tablets or computers, Goshaba analyses the cognitive properties of candidates. Their smart screening tool identifies the relevant profiles, that match your criteria, from the list of candidates.


Founded: 2019

Because with every extra click candidates are lost, the American JobSync developed a way to prevent those extra clicks. They make sure that the information from the job board you use is transferred to the recruitment system without extra actions. With one click at Indeed or other job boards, the candidate flows directly into your recruitment system.


Founded: 2014

The Greek Owiwi has developed a game-based situational judgement game assessment. It concerns a role playing game (RPG), in which the candidate ‘reveals’ his character and soft skills by playing different levels in the game. You can assign different values to the candidate’s choices per organization or position.

In the Spotlight: Greek startup Owiwi lets your candidates play games to measure their soft skillsWant to know more about Owiwi? It was our first startup in ‘In the Spotlight‘! Read the interview with founder Ilias Vartholomaios here: In the Spotlight: Greek startup Owiwi lets your candidates play games to measure their soft skills.

Welcome to the Jungle

Founded: 2015

The French startup Welcome to the Jungle is working on ‘honest vacancies’. In addition to offering a recruitment system and facilitating the onboarding of candidates, they also help their clients to generate more attention for vacancies through their own photographers and video crew.


Founded: 2018

Visume is a cloud-based solution that uses Robotic Process Automation and artificial intelligence concepts to quickly find, evaluate and smartly hire the right candidate. Visume’s recruitment system enables the employer to analyze the candidate and understand their communication skills, personality and charisma, even before the interview takes place.





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