interviewstream offers tool for free due to Coronavirus:

interviewstream announced that they are offering their on demand online interview solution for free to companies that aren’t currently using this due to the Coronavirus. “We are absolutely seeing an increase in use overall.”


Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease), many employees are now working remotely. interviewstream is ‘grateful for this opportunity to support companies and help hiring teams and candidates stay engaged in the hiring process’. “We anticipate companies will increasingly need to manage their interviewing processes remotely, and video interviewing will allow them to keep their hiring teams and candidates engaged and connected safely”, says Ron Wilson, CEO of interviewstream.


Ryan Royal, Chief Technology Officer at interviewstream, tells Recruitment Tech about the reactions they get to offering their tool for free. “We have received an overwhelming number of requests and have started to set up our first clients with free access to the platform. Thus far, the response has been positive and excited from the HR community.”


“The past week we’ve had the highest number of invites we have ever sent (in the history of the company) for interview on demand. We are absolutely seeing an increase in use overall of the on demand platform, even separately from our goodwill gesture to provide free access”, says Ryan Royal.

About interviewstream

interviewstream exists to create experiences that transform hiring. They do this by simplifying interviews, inspiring change and getting hiring done anywhere. Their recruiting software helps customers to reach top candidates efficiently. interviewstream is dedicated to the success of more than 900 clients from emerging businesses, midsize companies, large enterprises, colleges, and universities.

Coronavirus affecting recruitment tech vendors

The world of recruitment is also affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Employees who have to work from home or, for example, job applications and meetings via video with a tool like interviewstream. We asked recruitment technology vendors with offices in multiple international locations what this means for them. Read it here: Coronavirus also affects recruitment tech vendors: “We will be able to go through this harsh time”.

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