In the Spotlight: Intrro matches candidates from your employees’ network to open roles in your company

Every month, a promising recruitment tech vendor will tell its story in ‘In the Spotlight’. Intrro uses machine learning to match candidates from your employees’ network to open roles in your company. Nasser Oudjidane and Neel J Shah, Founders of the London-based tech vendor, tell about the importance of referral recruitment. “The best talent doesn’t respond to mass messaging, they listen to people they trust.”

For the people who don’t know Intrro, can you tell us what it is?

Intrro makes it easier for companies to connect with qualified candidates in their employees’ social and professional networks. The employee referral platform uses machine learning to automatically match the relevant talent to open positions, enabling employees to reach out to their contacts to let them know about the job opening.”

The Intrro team

“Instead of getting another unsolicited recruiting message from a stranger, relevant candidates receive a personalized message from their contact. If they are interested they can directly respond to the recruiter, who can take it from there.”

“Intrro also enables recruiters to browse their employee’s contacts against open positions, and proactively ask for an intro, allowing them to spend more time speaking to receptive candidates and less time chasing leads, whilst giving hiring managers access to a broader, verified and more diverse pool of talent.”

Why was Intrro founded?

“We started the company because our mission is to revolutionize the talent acquisition process and make recruitment better for everyone involved. Neel and Nasser have direct experience in this area, prior to starting Intrro both were executives at The Adecco Group, a Fortune 500, legacy staffing company. Many people ascribe to the fact that for ambitious companies, your most important skills are why, when and how to hire extraordinary people. We believe that you can achieve ‘the how’ by looking no further than your existing staff’s networks. Employee referrals are one of the most effective ways of hiring new people, as they tend to perform better, reduce cost, get hired faster and stay in their jobs for longer. Considering that 80% of the companies OPEX goes on people, it’s important you get that right, now more than ever.”

“talent that comes to you through referrals is 7 times more likely to work at your company than any other source”

What makes Intrro unique?

“We’ve found a way to utilize the explosion of social media data over the last decade to identify who in your companies’ collective network is suitable for a position, helping companies make referrals as a business strategy; Intrro makes it scaleable, trackable and measurable.”

What are you guys currently working on to improve referral recruitment?

“Typically when you ask a co-worker if they know anyone that would be a good fit, they only think of 1-2 top of mind people. Someone at your company is already friends with your next candidate. We’ll figure out who it is and help you ask for the introduction. We do this by curating themes helping jog people’s memory to think outside the box and dig deeper in their network to find referrals. Intrro’s referral recommendations work in Slack, so you can focus on your top priorities while Intrro reminds your team to refer their friends.”

Why is referral recruitment so important?

“The best talent doesn’t respond to mass messaging or browse job boards, but they do listen to people who they trust. Referrals have a compounding effect on the business. It is no coincidence that some of the world’s leading technology companies are known to have the highest employee referral rates.”

“Would it surprise you to learn that only 7% of all candidates in a company’s talent pool come from network referrals, whereas 30% of hires come through the employee referral network? This means that talent that comes to you through referrals is 7 times more likely to work at your company than any other source.  Just think about that for a second. We use technology and tools for every other aspect of business and meticulously track our progress to improve results.”

“But when it comes to referrals, the #1 source of talent, the most critical part of your business, the best that most of us do is to share a job post on LinkedIn, or distribute a referral form & send an email with a JD to employees.”

“During the COV-19 crisis and people becoming used to the new normal of working from home, this is even more important. Making a hiring decision without having met in person is a daunting prospect for some, however, if you’ve had this come from a verified employee referral, the chances of making a successful hire increase dramatically. Intrro can help you de-risk this element because your employee has recommended them. This gives the hiring team greater conviction.”

How does your tool work for organisations that would like to use it now?

“Intrro automatically suggests promising candidates in employee networks as referrals for open positions at your company and doubles the number of high-quality referrals per employee. We do this by connecting to your employees’ network, (LinkedIn, Github, Email etc.,) and use ML & NLP and other data science algorithms to match the most relevant talent plus surface the employee with the closest bond with the candidate to reach out. Employees an also send over reviews of any candidate you want help qualifying so you can get more context about the candidate and if they are currently looking.”

“Integrations with Slack and email mean that your team can make intros, referrals, or submit feedback right through Slack. Intrro integrates with your Applicant Tracking System to ensure that it doesn’t cause extra overhead, while delivering a cleaner experience.”

What is your roadmap for 2020? 

“We’re laser focussed on supporting our customers to increase the % of employee referrals within their organisations.”

Where will Intrro be in 5 years? 

“We aim to be the No.1 recruiting platform with employee and network referrals at its core. We aim to unlock the full potential of your company network to source, qualify, and hire the right candidates.”

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