German, Spanish, French and Polish version available of The European Recruitment Dashboard

A number of languages have been added to the European Recruitment Dashboard from Intelligence Group. It’s now available in German, Spanish, French and Polish.

The European Recruitment Dashboard (ERD)

These mean that European recruiters can now search in their own languages even more easily for talented individuals. Since September recruiters can use the European Recruitment Dashboard, a tool that provides insights into the European employment market. The dashboard gives access to data from 28 countries about almost 600 different professional target groups. The European Recruitment Dashboard (ERD) used to be only available in English, but no longer: the ERD can now also be used in German, Spanish, French and Polish.

About the Dashboard

The European Recruitment Dashboard provides insight into the European labour market (28 countries) for recruiters and labour market communication professionals. It answers questions such as where is my talent in Europe (in which countries and in which countries not) and how easy or difficult is it to recruit this talent? What recruitment strategy should I use to recruit this talent? What media reach into the latent and active job-seeking workforce? Everything you, as a recruiter, recruitment manager or policy maker, want to know about how and where to recruit in Europe at national, local or city level.

PDF function

In addition to the new languages, a handy option has also been added to create a PDF file. This allows a recruiter to bundle all information about a job profile into a handy pdf with just one click. Intelligence Group will be adding more useful features, like regions, to the dashboard over the coming year.

Labour market data

If you always want a clear idea of what is relevant and important for talented individuals in Europe, you can find out what you want to know in the European Recruitment Dashboard. The data we use comes from their own European employment market research, the Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM). This is a large-scale survey of supply and demand on the European labour market.

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