Do you have an ambitious HR strategy? Then Geoffroy de Lestrange, Product Marketing & Communication Director EMEA at Cornerstone, thinks you might need a platform like Cornerstone. We asked him at UNLEASH Paris what the organisation’s goals are.


“Cornerstone has a very solid, robust and secure platform. Users of Cornerstone can be mid-size companies up to very large companies. As soon as your company has an ambitious HR strategy, you might need a platform like Cornerstone. It doesn’t matter if you have 500 or 500.000 employees, it’s about which roll talent management plays in your HR strategy”, says Geoffroy de Lestrange. In the video below he tells more about Cornerstone, what they do and their roadmap for 2020.

About Cornerstone

Cornerstone helps companies recruit, develop, manage, and engage their people. Cornerstone also helps people be their best at work with the right development and experiences. Cornerstone is a recognized global human capital management (HCM) leader with a core belief that companies thrive when they help their employees to realize their potential. Cornerstone offers solutions to help companies strategically manage and continuously develop their talent throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Featuring comprehensive recruiting, personalized learning, development-driven performance management and holistic HR planning, Cornerstone’s human capital management is successfully used by 3,645 global clients of all sizes, representing all major industries, spanning over 40 million users across 187 countries and 43 languages.

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