Frank Roders (Compagnon):

Two decades back, when HR and recruitment specialists, Hetty Moll and Frank Roders started their entrepreneurial venture with an aim to make a difference in the HR landscape, they were committed to becoming a real partner to candidates, customers and colleagues. The duo zeroed in on a name that truly symbolises their zest to become a true partner. Hence, the name: Compagnon.


Compagnon stands true to its name and offers complete solutions for recruitment, career and HR management. To ensure success for clients in the labour market, the Netherlands-based HR specialist firm has been a reliable partner by scoring high on both relationship and results. “While the shortage of talent in the labour markets has brought in international firms to the Netherlands, Compagnon empowers these organisations with recruitment and HR services. In doing so, we do not regard it as outsourcing. Instead, we firmly believe in co-sourcing, wherein the clients can outsource a part of their recruitment process and work closely with us to optimise their recruitment,” says Frank Roders, Founder and Director, Compagnon.

Inflow and Outflow

At the core, Compagnon focuses on providing services that cover the aspects of inflow and outflow of staff. Compagnon’s suite of hiring services is branched into three broad categories—recruitment, HR, and career services—each designed considering the requirements of the modern-day recruiter. From interim recruiters and RPO to recruitment campaigns, companies struggling to globalise in the wake of the tense labour market can access diverse recruitment services all in one place with Compagnon. The company’s in-house marketing specialists help the clients to tap into talent and opportunities in the Netherlands and other neighbouring countries, assisting them in recruiting the right the talent they seek.


The uniqueness of Compagnon stems from the in-depth labour market research it conducts before starting the recruitment process. “An ideal recruiter strives to make a difference in its organisation by hiring only the fittest candidate for their job. Our market research helps the clients in strengthening their employer brands through specialised marketing and HR services, thus finding the right talent that fits a specific role,” says Roders. Besides the services at Compagnon, he also founded Recruiters United—a trade union aimed at bringing all recruiters together in the journey of finding suitable talent. With this, the organisations also get access to the largest network of recruiters that can bring in the expertise required to solve every question optimally. To keep up with the modern, tech-savvy candidates, the recruitment process undertaken by Compagnon on behalf of its clients involves online assessments. The company automates the entire process, extending it as per the requirement of the recruiter. Compagnon also offers substantial training sessions for hiring managers, aiming to educate them about the intricacies of the hiring process.

Frank Roders, Wendy Evers  Bob Roders
Wendy Evers and Bob Roders, from Compagnons Tech Team, and Frank Roders


Compagnon is also the initiator of research in recruitment key figures and the founder of Recruitment-A and -B (NCOI) courses. A partner of Werf & and ZiPconomy, Compagnon facilitates a marketing-driven and technology-inclusive recruitment process for recruiters with the aid of its RecruiterPlus program, which offers incisive knowledge about the labour market, branding, search, technology, selection strategies with a toolkit. As technology lover, Compagon has it’s own Tech Team to try new recruitment tools, the company is also partner of the Dutch Recruitment Tech Awards. Last 5 years Roders was part of the professional jury of this yearly competition.

Seamless recruitment experience

Not resting on its laurels, Compagnon is currently planning aggressively to penetrate the Dutch market besides expanding its footprint to the neighbouring countries. “We will continue to improve our technology and connect all the parts of the recruitment process to our dashboard, in an attempt to make way for a more seamless recruitment experience for our clients,” concludes Roders.

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