Five useful sourcing tools for recruiters to find contact details

Did you ever find a promising candidate but didn’t know how to contact them? Recruitment Tech lists five sourcing tools to help you find out someone’s email, phone number or other contact information.


Prophet is a tool that can be downloaded as a Chrome extension. It allows you to find e-mails, phone numbers and social media profiles. When you are on a candidate’s social media profile, Prophet’s extension will add other profiles, contact details and other findable information.


Lusha is a useful tool to find out telephone numbers and contact details of people. This Chrome extension automatically scans the profile page you’re visiting and provides the most up-to-date contact information, in its own words in full compliance with the required data regulations. Lusha currently supports LinkedIn, Salesforce and Twitter.


Hunter is a popular and simple tool that searches for email addresses on websites. It searches a domain and will show all the addresses that can be found. Hunter can also verify the addresses. If you are going to use it more and make more requests, a paid account may be a useful option, but for occasional use, the free account is also sufficient.

People Search

Like Prophet and Lusha, People Search is an extension that can be downloaded from Chrome. People Search is free and searches multiple sources in a few seconds and then shows a complete profile with contact information.


Jobjet is a free web app that allows you to receive contact details of potential candidates. With Jobjet it is also possible to contact and create a list of candidates with whom you have had contact, for example.

More tools

Would you like to learn about more recruiter tools? Check out the links below:

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