At Unleash Amsterdam Recruitment Tech TV spoke with Eyal Grayevsky from Mya. Mya enables hiring teams to build trust and confidence with their candidates through open-ended, natural and dynamic conversations.

About Mya

Mya’s mission is to open up a world of job possibilities for all by using Mya the conversational A.I. recruiter. Eyal Grayevski explains: “What we are doing is applying conversational experiences to various stages of the recruiting process to deliver world class experiences for candidates as well as driving efficiency for hiring teams.” Eyal Grayevsky explains a bit more about the process, “when a candidate applies for a job Mya is going to instantly engage with the applicant and have a conversation. Mya can help screen the candidate ultimately through that dialogue and shortlist the applicant pool. Using Mya can even go as far as convert them onto the calendar for an interview. From there she can help with onboarding as well as sourcing at the top of the funnel. So we’re eliminating the traditional long form application that creates a lot of friction and drop offs in the recruiting process and replace it with a meaningful dialogue, the conversational experience. We can apply that conversational experience to various touchpoints in the recruiting process and even go beyond the recruiting process into the employee experience or the associate experience.”


Eyal Grayevsky tells: “We are really committed creating the best experience first and foremost. So how you create that instantaneous engagement where you are able to answer and address candidates in real time.” The main benefit Eyal Grayevski describes as driving conversion and efficiency through the recruiting process and he adds: “As well as accelerating the recruitment process dramatically. We have seen for our customers we have been able to reduce time to interview by 79%. So there’s a dramatic impact in terms of helping candidates get through the funnel.”

On the question how it works in combination with existing ATS systems that are not that candidate centric Eyal Grayevsky answers: “We work simultaneously with an existing system, so what we can do is layer it on top of your existing ATS or CRM and apply this conversational A.I to create that white globe high touch experience throughout the end-to-end process and instantly enhance that experience for candidates.”


Looking forward to 2019 Eyal Grayevsky tells: “We’re building a platform that enables our customers to easily configure and implement this solution into their environment. In 2019 we are rolling out more and more platform capabilities and also ways that you can leverage our outreach tools to drive relationship management and sourcing automations through your business. And we are also extending the experience beyond the traditional used cases into the employer experience and beyond. To really deliver the end-to-end (recruiting and employer) engagement experience as well as delivering a solution that goes beyond that first hire and help candidates and associates get placed into their next job as well.”

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