Expert Patrick Boonstra takes you back to the future:

Will the computer take over and make the human part of the recruitment process outdated? Expert Patrick Boonstra will take you back to the future in his session at the Recruitment Tech Event 2019 in Amsterdam at the 21st of November. He will discuss 10 current examples where recruitment technology has been (successfully?) implemented, so you can learn from it.

What are you going to tell the audience?

“Automation and AI still sounds very scary to most recruiters as they believe recruitment is in the human touch. I see recruiters spend most of their time on administrative tasks they don’t like, give candidates a horrible experience on the way and don’t add any value in doing so. Don’t get me wrong; we’re talking about skilled recruiters with the best intentions, but we simply don’t provide them with the right tooling and support. I’ll show you ways where automation has made the lives of recruiters easier and more fun, so you can spend your time on other important stuff like really getting to know the candidate.”

“we simply don’t provide recruiters with the right tooling and support”

Why can’t people miss your session?

“There have been numerous sectors that claimed personal contact could never be automated. Boy, were those bank tellers, real estate agents, travel agents and taxi drivers wrong… I believe most of the current recruitment tasks could, and possibly should be automated. We’re nowhere near a completely end-to-end automated process yet, but we’re closer than you think.”

In your session, you will show 10 ways to automate recruitment. Do you think the computer will take over and make the human part of hiring outdated?

“I’ll show you 10 current best practices: existing technologies that have already taken over small and large parts of the recruitment process. Not just the administrative parts, but also on the human interaction part. I think recruiters highly overestimate their own added value in the current process, and I believe their time and focus should be on completely different parts than currently being spent. Research shows the outcome of most job interviews is determined in the first minute when not a single question was even asked. How can recruiters really make a good match, when they have spent zero time with the hiring manager themselves and don’t even know what environment the candidate will end up in?”

“I think recruiters highly overestimate their own added value in the current process”


What do you think will be the biggest recruitment tech trend of 2020?

“There have been several big (multi-million €) acquisitions in the HR/Recruitment scene, with many more still to come. We’re moving into a platform focus; with fewer stand-alone systems, but better focus on end-to-end integrations. I’m glad that suppliers have also taken UX/UI seriously and understand you need to deliver simple, beautiful software. Furthermore, the pre-assessment tooling category is quickly growing up; gamified but scientifically proven ways to assess (high but also low volumes of) candidates on required skills. I hope that’ll be the first serious step to finally get rid of the resume in the selection process.”

About Patrick Boonstra

Patrick Boonstra is Dragonslayer & Advisor Recruitment Innovation. With a background as an engineer, several years of business consultancy, Patrick now advises on innovations in the recruitment profession. He brings together (labour market) communication and technology, from employer branding to recruitment advertising and sourcing. His mission is to make complex issues as simple as possible.

Boost your recruitment at The Recruitment Tech Event 2019

Don’t want to miss the session of Patrick Boonstra? Discover, with over 400 recruitment colleagues, how technology can optimise your recruitment during the fifth edition of the Recruitment Tech Event on Thursday 21 November. The leading event on the recruitment technology of tomorrow, held in the Amsterdome in Amsterdam. With inspiring keynotes, in-depth (English) breakouts and innovative demos. This year the opening keynote will be held by Megan Marie Butler from CognitionX who will share the latest insights into how AI impacts the attraction and retention of talent. Futurist Richard van Hooijdonk will tell about a new business model for recruiters. And for the first time, TNG’s social interview robot Tengai will be presented in the Netherlands. Elin Öberg Mårtenzon will tell how they developed Tengai together with Furhat Robotics to fight against bias in interviews. Also, Maarten Lens-FitzGerald will tell the audience about why voice is the future.

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