Regular fee

September 16th til November 6th 2019

Regular ticket for the 6th Recruitment Tech Event!

Late bird fee

November 6th til November 19th 2019

Last minute to 6th edition of the Recruitment Tech Event!

Registration fee

A regular ticket for the Recruitment Tech Event 2020 is €445,- excl. VAT. Unless you have already signed up, because then you can benefit from up to 50% discount. For late decision makers there is a late bird rate of €545,- for the first time this year (from November 6th).

Payment methods

You can pay on account (pay within 30 days, otherwise your registration will be cancelled!), via iDeal, Paypal or credit card. The Recruitment Tech Event has outsourced the processing of registrations to Delft Congress Support (DCS). You will receive the invoice from DCS.

If you want to have a purchase number on the invoice, ask for it first internally and only then register. You can fill this in yourself when you register.