Equalture helps teams during Corona crisis:

Due to the corona crisis companies are forced to transition to fully remote working as of now. According to a survey by Equalture, many people aren’t ready for this. That’s why they’ve launched Remotely.


How it works? Through 4 neuro-assessments games, Equalture helps scaleups measure in 15 minutes the 8 key skills the scaleup team needs to work remote successfully. You receive practical recommendations right away to help your team members master the skills required to successfully work remotely.


Charlotte Melkert, CEO of Equalture: “The unfortunate and exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus affect companies heavily and raise significant concerns about the viability of many of them. In these difficult times, your team is more important than ever to keep your business running and conquering these challenging times. My company Equalture focuses on helping growing companies build optimal teams, which allowed us to already support hundreds of companies over the last two years with their people challenges. All these companies are asked about their biggest people challenge caused by the coronavirus in the last few days.”


“The results of this survey showed that they highly fear lower team performance and team confidence, caused by a lack of skills required to work remotely as well as insights in these skills (allowing team leads to help their team members improve these skills). For that reason, Equalture launched Remotely. This tool enables companies to assess their team members on the 8 skills that have proven to be crucial for remote working success (by making use of Equalture’s neuro-assessment games). This assessment provides them with solid team insights and useful recommendations to help their team members improve these skills right away.”


“I highly believe that your team is now more important than ever to help you survive these challenging times, and therefore we decided to launch this tool so that we can scale our expertise with as many companies as possible. After all, together we can beat this corona crisis”, says Charlotte Melkert. More on Remotely can be found here.

About Equalture

Equalture is an impartial screening and matching tool with one clear mission: to offer a fair chance. Possible prejudices are filtered out of the selection process by this tool, so that every professional has an equal chance to be linked to a company. Their recruitment solution ensures an unbiased selection of candidates by using algorithms, gamification and artificial intelligence to predict the success of a candidate in a given position and within a team. In addition to the usual criteria of education, work experience and competencies, cognitive skills are also tested to evaluate personality and cultural fit. The Dutch startup received a one million euro investment from InnovationQuarter and 4impact last month.

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