Dutch startup Equalture raises 1 million euros:

The Dutch-based startup Equalture has received one million euros in investments. The organisation, which wants to take bias out of recruitment with their tool, was founded by the twin sisters Charlotte and Fleur Melkert. With the investment, Equalture will expand the team and scale up the client base.

International growth

The startup received the one million euro from InnovationQuarter and 4impact. Charlotte Melkert, CEO of Equalture: “The investment by 4impact and InnovationQuarter will enable us to achieve our international growth targets. We are delighted that both 4impact and InnovationQuarter have placed their confidence in us. Due to the combined experience of these funds, we now have the necessary tools to turn our ambitions into results.”

About Equalture

Equalture is an impartial screening and matching tool with one clear mission: to offer a fair chance. Possible prejudices are filtered out of the selection process by this tool, so that every professional has an equal chance to be linked to a company. Their recruitment solution ensures an unbiased selection of candidates by using algorithms, gamification and artificial intelligence to predict the success of a candidate in a given position and within a team. In addition to the usual criteria of education, work experience and competencies, cognitive skills are also tested to evaluate personality and cultural fit.


The self-learning nature of the algorithms used to create the Equalture software solution ensures that the quality of the matching profile constantly improves and results in a more efficient and accurate hiring process. Moreover, the inclusion of gamification in the first step of the application process makes this an innovative recruitment experience for applicants. These neuro-assessment games map a candidate’s skills, intelligence and personality traits. To help predict a good cultural fit, the team which the recruited candidate will join is also tested, mapped and included in the score of the matching profile as are relevant industry benchmarks.


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