Dutch online recruitment specialist RecruitNow receives millions investment

Dutch venture capitalist Walvis Participaties makes a substantial investment in RecruitNow. The fast-growing online recruitment specialist from the Netherlands receives an investment of millions of Euro’s from the venture capital fund.

Change of name

At the beginning of July, it became known that the name Minescape was replaced by RecruitNow. This name change fits in with the growth strategy and the plans for the international rollout, the organization says. RecruitNow customers include temporary employment agencies, recruitment agencies, secondment agencies and corporates.

Explosive growth

The millions of Euro’s injection enables RecruitNow to further develop its technologies, to scale up its sales and marketing activities and to expand the partner network. André Polderman, founder and CEO of RecruitNow, is therefore very content with the investment of Walvis. “As the number of vacancies grows explosively nationwide, it is struggling for more and more companies to find the right people. Our clients are succeeding and thanks to the millions of growth money, that can be done faster and more effectively, “says Polderman.

Our clients are succeeding and thanks to the millions of growth money, that can be done faster and more effectively.


Vincent Gravesteyn, Managing Director of Walvis Participaties, sees many opportunities for RecruitNow. “RecruitNow is a leader in online recruitment and makes the online recruitment process simple, predictable and, above all, results driven. RecruitNow is able to recruit the most suitable candidates for its clients within a short period of time thanks to its unique technology. We see a lot of opportunities and are going to contribute to the growing success. ”

About RecruitNow

RecruitNow provides overview, clarity and effectiveness in recruitment. For customers, RecruitNow builds reliable solutions that provide easy support for the complex online recruitment process. The company was founded in 2003 as Minescape by André Polderman. Since then, Minescape has grown to 50 employees. In 2017 Paul Wilkens joined as COO. RecruitNow customers include Aethon, Boels, Consolid, Luba Employment Agency, Manpower, Randstad, Sandd, Securitas, Tempo-Team, Timing, Webhelp and YER.

About Walvis

In 2012, Walvis was founded by John A. Fentener van Vlissingen. The fast-growing investment fund focuses mainly on Dutch internet technology scale-ups with international ambitions. With a clear focus on Commerce, Enterprise, FinTech, Health and Internet of Things, Walvis helps Dutch internet companies to grow into future global players. Previously, Walvis already invested in organizations such as bookchoice, Dynasource and speakap.

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