At Unleash Amsterdam Recruitment Tech TV spoke with Donna Owen from Showcaser. Showcaser is a video platform that allows a candidate to make a case helping him/her to make a first impression that last. Showcaser helps people put personality over paper by recording answers to a few questions and showcase who the candidate really is.

About Showcaser

Donna Owen explains what Showcaser is. “Showcaser is a video product that can personalize any part of the talent process from employer branding, recruitment, onboarding, assessment, employer engagement, all the way through to exit.”


Using Showcaser has many advantages for recruiters says Donna Owen. “From a recruitment perspective, Showcaser enables you to build a really solid database of candidates that you can present to your client. It’s what we call a playlist, and is able to get a real picture of what the market looks like without spending time of interviewing the wrong person.”

According to Showcaser, these benefits are very lucrative. “Benefits of Showcaser are saving a lot of time and money and that is what we are all looking for today.”

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