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Social Seeder

Social Seeder is an easy-to-use platform with a proven strategy to turn your employees into engaged ambassadors. Our ambassador platform offers companies a unique opportunity to share relevant content via the social network of their employees with one click. Word-of-mouth communication creates authenticity. Authenticity creates impact. Activate your most engaged advocates: your employees

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Manage, Recruit and Setup
Employee engagement, Employer branding and Onboarding

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Breakout: Insights from customers

Customer insights uncover the huge impact of an employee advocacy program.

300x300 Patrick DePauw
Patrick De Pauw, CEO

About Patrick De Pauw, CEO

As CEO of Social Seeder Patrick strongly believes in the power of your employees and fans. After spending time in the travelling industry he had seen that other people’s opinion were more influential than most marketing tools. As ads got more expensive and algorithms more unpredictable, Patrick decided to focus on the one thing that consistently worked: word-of-mouth.

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