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Joboti builds smart chatbots for agencies and corporations that assist candidates and recruiters in the candidate journey and optimizes your recruitment processes.

Our assistants automate different recruitment processes, like: asking candidates for their interest in new jobs and or their availability via WhatsApp, straight from your ATS. Or offer candidates the option to apply via WhatsApp. All chat data is stored GDPR compliant in your ATS.

Fases in rekruteringsproces:
Hire and Recruit
Bots & voice and Recruitment marketing & programmatic job advertising

Bekijk de replay van Demo_Day

Breakout: How to Use WhatsApp for Recruiting, 5 use cases

More and more candidates are hard to reach by phone and email. For most candidates chat is their favorite way to communicate. In this demo you will show you 5 use cases of WhatsApp business, directly connected to your ATS.

About Luuk van Neerven, Co-founder

After having worked several years in the recruitment industry, both as an agencyand corporate recruiter, I co-founded Joboti. At Joboti we strongly believe in the impact of human beings in the recruitment process and automate repetitive tasks so you have more valuable time for your candidates.

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