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Jenna is a personal recruiting assistant. As one, Jenna automatically and intelligently screens candidates for you. Artificial intelligence is being utilized in order to analyze the candidates answers to the screening questions and to estimate if the candidate is a good match.
Through Jenna’s dashboard, you are able to create positions, write screening questions (or select from dozens pre-defined templates) and review the candidate’s information.

Jenna will provide you with information about the candidates from both the screening process and from 3rd party sources.

Fases in rekruteringsproces:
Evaluate, Select and Setup
Bots & voice, E-assessments, tests & predictive recruitment and Matching & cv-parsing

Bekijk de replay van Demo_Day

Breakout: CV’s Are Dead – Here’s Why

For many years, a CV was a core element in any job seeker’s life cycle. It is a format that is dated back to Leonardo De Vinci but is it here to stay?

This breakout will explore how we can provide a better, faster, more imaginative experience for our candidates and ourselves when hiring. This is how technology going to kill the CV.

300x300 Lior Romanowsky
Lior Romanowsky, Founder & CEO at Jenna

About Lior Romanowsky, Founder & CEO at Jenna

Lior Romanowsky is the founder of Jenna, an HR tech AI company, and a serial tech entrepreneur from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Lior is an innovation enthusiast, a keynote speaker at leading conferences.

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