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Intelligence Group

Intelligence Group is an international Data & Tech company in the field of labour market and recruitment data. We focus on collecting, storing and enriching labour market-related data for the purpose of improving the recruitment of employees (or staff) by employers and increasing international mobility. This data is made available to our clients via reports, innovative dashboards and APIs.

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Manage and Recruit
Data & dashboards and Recruitmentsystems (ATS)

Bekijk de replay van Demo_Day

Breakout: G!ant, an online dashboard that provides talent insights

Bert gives you a demo of G!ant, an online dashboard for recruiters and HRmanagers that provides data insights about your target group. The dashboard includes in addition to recruitment feasibility, job preferences, socio-demographics, candidate expectations and media behavior. With this data it is effortlessly to make a recruitment strategy.

300x300 Bert van Tritium
Bert van Tritium, Commercial director/Talent Intelligence Agent

About Bert van Tritium, Commercial director/Talent Intelligence Agent

Bert was commercial director and Co-owner from Intelligence group for over 5 years (2007-2011) and is helping IG with the international market for the last two years.

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