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Based on more than 15 years of experience, Carerix offers a modern platform that supports the entire process of Recruitment & Selection, Temporary Employment and Secondment. All from one system.

Fases in rekruteringsproces:
Hire, Recruit and Select
Flexsystems (VMS), Recruitmentsystems (ATS) and Talentpooling

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Breakout: Discover the European ATS/CRM fit for local processes

Carerix, with its HQ in The Netherlands, provides optimal solutions for both Corporate and Agency recruitment. During this session we will show you highlights of our European focussed ATS /CRM together with our valued partner eco-system. Join us!

300x300 Misja van der Velden - Carerix
Misja van der Velden, Sales Manager

About Misja van der Velden, Sales Manager

Before Misja became a Sales Manager at Carerix Misja worked for several years in the Recruitment Industry. Being a Recruiter himself enables him to position the best recruitment solutions fit to your business processes. It is all about communication and the delivery of better performance in terms of productivity and efficiency.

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