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Cammio supports organisations around the globe to attract, engage and select talent remotely with an award- winning video recruitment platform that has candidate
experience at its core. Video supported talent acquisition helps companies to upgrade their hiring practice with personality. Market leaders including Adecco, ALDISüd, EU and WPP rely on Cammio to power their search for the best candidate.

Fases in rekruteringsproces:
Hire, Recruit and Select
Employer branding, Onboarding and Video recruitment

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Breakout: Case: Video interviews at Galapagos

This session offers a unique look behind the scenes of the recruitment department of an industry peer. Galapagos is a is a pioneering biotechnology company, with a recruitment need for highly specialised roles. Global Talent Acquisition Partner, Loukmane Boukandrouj, has been responsible for implementing video interviews in the recruitment process at Galapagos during the past 18 months. During this session he will share learnings, best practices, tips and tricks for an engaging remote candidate experience in an in-depth interview.

300x300 Rogier Happel
Rogier Happel, Business Development & Alliances

About Rogier Happel, Business Development & Alliances

Rogier Happel is responsible for Business Development and Alliances at Cammio video recruitment experts. Based on the belief that video-powered recruitment processes are more fun, efficient and fair for all involved, Rogier advises recruitment professionals on the implementation of video in various touch points throughout the talent journey.

300x300 Sandhna Chintoe
Sandhna Chintoe, Managing Director International at Cammio

Over Sandhna Chintoe, Managing Director International at Cammio

Sandhna Chintoe heads the customer success department at Cammio and has recently taken on the additional role of international managing director. Together with her team she forms the link between customer and tech, making sure that recruiters, hiring managers and candidates have a fun, efficient and fair experience while using the Cammio video recruitment platform.

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