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Thanks to AI, matching is used as an unbiased prescreening tool ; automate the recruitment process, save time, get better candidates and give an ultimate experience to candidates!

Fases in rekruteringsproces:
Recruit and Select
Cv-screening, Matching & cv-parsing and Sourcing & search

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Breakout: Automated prescreening of hard and soft skills thanks to AI!

Actonomy will demonstrate an integrated solution that combines matching on experience, hard skills and soft skills. By using text analyses, the system gets a detailed view on a candidate profile allowing to screen and match using a simple click. Save time and speed the recruitment process, lower the cost of hiring and avoid loosing candidates once hired!

300x300 Filip De Geijter 2
Filip De Geijter, CEO

About Filip De Geijter, CEO

Filip has a background in the high tech industry working for different management positions prior to setting up Actonomy. Filip created Actonomy with the vision to automate the recruitment process by using technology. He is convinced that automated screening of profiles is becoming a key component to save time and money and to get a better fit between candidates and the employer. As innovation is key for Filip, he will present his vision on how hard and soft skills screening will lead to better hires!

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