Startup Worksuite


What is your tool/what does your tool do?

Worksuite Meets is a smart matchmaking platform for professionals in the Data & AI sphere with a networking possibility. We connect like-minded experts who would like to build their network and meet people in Data, Tech & AI. We facilitate the platform for experts to share their preferred topics & our matching algorithm creates the 1:1 meeting with the best-matched people. Worksuite Jobs is a smart matching portal that connects pre-screened professionals to jobs that clients post on our platform

What is your tool a solution for?

Worksuite is a solution for businesses to optimize their talentpool and to have more alignment between departments by better understanding the value of data. Our platform enables companies to receive applications from pre-screened professionals and reach an exclusive talentpool of experts. This way, hiring high quality experts is fast, cost-effective and executed with a much better user experience. In addition, employees can have acces to the Worksuite Meets as well.

What makes your tool special?

The Worksuite platform is unique because it addresses an overarching challenge & solves it with an innovative approach. The biggest driver of economic growth is knowledge transfer that leads to technological progress. Making this possible, Worksuite presents itself as a trusted and self-learning system that connects mutually relevant people around the globe through 1:1 video meetings, enabling the exchange of knowledge and offering business opportunities.

What is the target group (on the customer side) for your tool?

The target group of Worksuite are organizations that are data-driven or at least it is on their roadmap to transform to be data-driven. Company size can vary from being a startup (1-50), through scaleup (50-200), to bigger corporations (200-). Across all industries and continents, Worksuite is a valuable addition to businesses who prioritize staying ahead of their market and those who continuously try to innovate their products/solutions.