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Fring and tracie are the winners of the Recruitment Tech Demo_Day Europe Startup Pitch 2021

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Winners Fring and tracie

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Freelancers use the Fring app to share their availability with companies and peers. Leading tech companies use the Fring platform to manage their flex pool and discover new talent.
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Traicie is a human resources tool that helps recruiters objectify and accelerate prescreening by performing automated softskills analysis on resumes.
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The nominated startups that did not win but are definitely worth checking out


AiRecruiter uses chatbots, messaging and conversational AI to help recruitment businesses grow their revenue generating opportunities.
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Hubert is using AI-technology to automate early stages of the screening process and free up valuable time for busy hiring teams.

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Traits finder

Traits finder is a remote hiring and assessment solution that uses linguistic (Lexical) analyses.

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Worksuite is a smart matchmaking platform for professionals in the Data & AI sphere with a networking possibility.

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