Startup traicie

What is your tool/what does your tool do?

traicie is a human resources tool that helps recruiters objectify and accelerate prescreening by performing automated softskills analysis on resumes.

What is your tool a solution for?

We support recruiters by suppressing human bias as much as possible during the pre-screening phase.
1. Time to hire ↓
2. Cost of hire ↓
3. Quality of hire ↑
4.Objecivity/inclusion ↑
5. Retention ↑
6. Candidate convenience ↑

What makes your tool special?

We are one of the pioneers in screening work style attitudes from text, used in recruitment.

Instead of complex assignments that reveal soft skills, we can screen 500 people in only 30 seconds.

What is the target group (on the customer side) for your tool?

Corporate companies, growth companies, companies with a large influx of applicants, companies looking for a typical profile employee and innovative companies that focus on company culture and employee happiness