Startup Fring

What is your tool/what does your tool do?

“Work with freelancers without the hassle”. Freelancers use the Fring app to share their availability with companies and peers. Leading tech companies use the Fring platform to manage their flex pool and discover new talent.

Save time, money and stress!
Fring – Freelance Relationship Management
Find, follow and plan your favourite freelancers

What is your tool a solution for?

For companies:

  •  Hassle to find the right freelancer who’s available when needed
  • No accurate overview of the freelancers they’ve worked with
  • Little or no access to scarce and talented freelancers
  • Spend excessive amounts on freelance recruitment

For Freelancers:

  • Impossible to inform entire network about availability
  • Need to check multiple sources for new work
  • Little or no access to desirable companies
  • Waste valuable time, money and energy working with recruiters

What makes your tool special?

Fring is the first Freelance Relationship Management solution where companies and freelancers find, follow and favourite one another.
Fring is open, transparant, and created by freelancers for freelancers.

What is the target group (on the customer side) for your tool?

Companies who have an existing flex pool (and are used to working with freelancers)