Startup AiRecruiter

What is your tool/what does your tool do?

AiRecruiter uses chatbots, messaging and conversational AI to help recruitment businesses grow their revenue generating opportunities. Using the conversational AI technology, as well as market leading conversation design blueprints, designed around best-practice conversational marketing principles, AiRecruiter uncovers growth conversations in every conversation and delivers them directly to the consultant. 

What is your tool a solution for?

Every recruitment business wants to grow their revenue. However, their consultants are overwhelmed and busy with filling the jobs they have. Adding that to the fact that most candidates apply online and never speak to a recruiter, means that the opportunity to speak to candidates to get leads (both jobs and referrals) has diminished incredibly. AiRecruiter fixes this challenge by having those same conversations with candidates and uncovering job and referral leads in every conversation.

What makes your tool special?

This is a unique solution to a wide-spread challenge. There is no other chatbot or conversational AI solution that is primarily designed for recruitment agencies and staffing businesses. With this in mind, AiRecruiter not only delivers all the same benefits of other chatbot solutions (but makes it better as one of the only ones to use conversational AI, as opposed to decision tree conversations) but supercharges a recruitment business by handing over hot business development opportunities daily.

What is the target group (on the customer side) for your tool?

We have designed and developed AiRecruiter to be taken advantage of by recruitment agencies and staffing businesses who are looking to accelerate their revenue and grow their bottom line. That’s not to say that in-house teams can’t take advantage of our amazing chatbot solution too. However, recruitment businesses that are serious about growth need to have AiRecruiter in their tech stack.